About Motivational 101

An iomage of a man in water - a metoaphor for the trials in life we all face.

So I should probably begin by telling you why I decided to start a site called Motivational 101.

Well, Motivational 101 is the end of one road, and it’s the beginning of another, so to speak.

There is a warning, of course – like most lifestyle blog tales-of-woe, this one is right up there in the “first world problems” category.

The book

I’d just finished one of my big life goals: writing a novel. It was a big deal. I swept the board aside for months finishing this beast which haunted me like a dead albatross whilst – with the help of my wife – I carved and edited the damn thing into submission.

In the meantime my freelance journalism was on hold, the artwork I was selling went on hold and – indeed – a blog I had done on movies. I put it all on hold. And I was right to do this.

But then I finished the book. It went on sale on Amazon. I panicked over last-minute fixes, as everyone does, yet it was out there nevertheless.

And then …

[anyone who’s sold a fictional indie title on Amazon knows EXACTLY what’s coming next]


Sweet eff-ay.

Time to do something – Motivational 101

As a former journalist I was not used to this. I was used to my work being read, dammit.  Hell, even my old movie site had a must-read article on Supreme Leader goddamn Snoke, despite the competition vacuum.

But no. Nothing.

Then there’s the whole picking-my-life-back-up thing. I wasn’t happy with how I was doing things before I wrote the novel and wanted to take this opportunity to re-think things.

Problem is all that creates a vacuum. One where you feel utterly deflated.

I didn’t just sit there, just so you know.  I wanted to get up, re-orientate my life and dust of the ideal me. The one lost under all the first-world confusion, and all the background noise that was Western World 2016.

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to Motivational 101.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

Take care!